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New Listings, Wedgwood

Wedgwood collectors should be pleased with this list of 24 new Wedgwood entries.  For those of you who  are not as familiar with the variety of wares produced by Wedgwood, the range runs from the eighteenth century through the first quarter of the twentieth with examples from their familiar jasper wares to basalt, glazed and unglazed caneware, drabware, rosso antico and a sprinkling of transfer ware.  

We have also included three examples of Wedgwood transfer ware previously shown in the Romantic and Aesthetic areas.   

As always, a click on any image below will take you to the listing for that item. 


CDV03 Rosso Antico Egg Cup, Egyptian Motifs

CDV01 Eighteenth Century Solid Jasper Egg Cup

CDV02 Enameled Basalt Egg Cup, "Chinese Flowers" Pattern

CDU80 Three Color Jasper Lidded Tripod

CDR57 Powder Blue Vase, Floral and Gilt Decoration

TCP59 Enameled Transfer Milk Jug, "Chinese Flowers" Pattern


CDV14 Unglazed Caneware Jug, "Bacchanalian Boys" Decoration

CDV20 Unglazed Caneware Cup and Saucer

CDV19 Basalt Milk Jug, Engine Turned Decoration

CDU25 Eighteenth Century Jasper Dip Sugar Bowl

CDS38 Aesthetic Transfer Teapot, "Chelsea Sprigs"

TCF74 Aesthetic Transfer Platter, "Chelsea Sprigs"

CDU51 Transfer Printed Custard Cup

CDU86 Lilac Jasper Dip Amphora

CDU64 Dark Olive Jasper Dip Three Handled Loving Cup 

CDV17 Crimson Jasper Dip Covered Box

CDS53 Glazed Caneware Creamer, Relief Molded Decoration

CDV05 Dark Blue Jasper Dip Miniature Cup and Saucer 

CDV04 Dark Blue Jasper Dip Toy Size Honey Pot

CDV06 Dark Blue Japser Dip Miniature Plate

CDV10 Dark Blue Jasper Dip Sander 


CDU77 Glazed Caneware Custard Cup, "Darwin" Pattern

CDV18 Dark Blue Jasper Dip Inkwell 

CDS44 Glazed Drabware Club Jug, Beauclerk Design

TCP31W Brown Transfer Platter, "Botanical Flowers" Series 

TCQ06W Six Brown Transfer Soup Plates, "Botanical Flowers" Series

TCP30W Brown Aesthetic Transfer Soup Plate,"Banquet" Series


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