About Us

Mark Brown
Tim Sublette

Seekers Antiques was started in the mid-eighties by Mark Brown and Tim Sublette--two guys in Columbus, Ohio with a strong desire to combine their careers and their collecting interests. Beginning with a general line including furniture, silver, and glass, we gradually developed the philosophy of selling what we know and like best: ceramics--mostly English--of the 18th and 19th centuries. We have become well known for such specialty areas as transferware, Wedgwood, and Masons, as well as porcelain, molded stonewares, lustre and basalt.

Seekers Antiques serves collectors through mail order and shows in the Mid-West, Middle Atlantic region and the South, Numbering among our clients are such museum collections as Colonial Williamsburg, Bayou Bend, and the Jones Museum of Ceramics and Glass in Maine. We have lectured for classes at Virginia Commonwealth University and for various museums and organizations including the Ima Hogg Ceramic Circle in Houston. Both Mark and Tim are members of the American Ceramic Circle.

We hope, through our website, to broaden our customer base while maintaining our goals of knowledge-based merchandising and long-term friendship with our clients.